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Apache Mobile Home Park

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Board of Directors & Office Staff, Put on Potluck Luncheon

potluck luncheon in Apache Mobile Home ParkL

It was about noon when their cars delivered the park residents to the clubhouse and the board members had already been hard at work putting together a fantastic lunch that would send everyone home satisfied and just a little bit friendlier.

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And then they said grace, ate, told jokes, saw old friends, made new friends, talked politics, the weather, and religion, and had a great afternoon together.  And the common topic was, “How good the food was and the abundance of it all.”

Apache Mobile Home Park

As the crowd thinned out the real work began. The board members, the office crew, a few residents and even the photographer jumped in to clean up the aftermath. Seems like a chore but it is a great chance to bond with your neighbors and have a little fun doing it. It wasn’t long before the place was spic & span and ready for the next “Good time at the clubhouse.”